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Our new location is: 6541 Washington Street
Unit T
Denver, Colorado 80229

Please check our website, our facebook page, call us at 303.429.4000. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please request an appointment through our website or leave a phone message.

Save Money On Auto Repair

At DIY Auto Repair Shops™, we have the equipment and staff to help you take care of your vehicle when it fits your schedule and priced to save you 60% or more compared to traditional repair.

Flexible service options allow you to work on your own car, make repairs with the assistance of a certified ASE Master auto technician, or simply have us fix it for you.

We're there to help you do it yourself.

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New Services

In addition to our do it yourself auto repair packages we offer wheel alignments, tire mounting, and air conditioning recharge and recovery.


State of the art alignment rack
2WD: $69.95 - 4WD: $96.00

Tire Mounting

Mount & balance up to 28" rims and 44" tires. Call For Pricing

AC Recharge and Recovery

134R and 1234YZ recharge & recovery. Call For Pricing

Oil Testing

Test for oil efficiency & contamination. Call For Pricing

Choose Your Level of Repair

At Do-It-Yourself Auto Repair Shops no job is too small or too big. Customers can choose the service level that best fits their needs and schedule.

Fix It Yourself

Rent a service bay by the hour. Simple flat rate includes tools and vehicle lift.

Tech Assist

Technicians are available to help you guide and assist you during the repair.

We Fix It $94.95/hr

We Fix It

Let an ASE Master Automotive Technician diagnose the problem or repair it for you.

Motorcyle Bay $19.95/hr

Motorcycle Bay

Fix your motorcycle or ATV in a smaller bay. Only $39.95 per hour. DIY only.

DIY Auto Repair Shops


6541 Washington Street, Unit T
Denver, Colorado 80229

Hours of Operation

Monday: "We Fix It" Drop Off by Appointment Only
Tuesday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Auto Repair Photos


Pictures of our shop and tools available for you to use to fix your car or motorcycle.


DIY Auto Repair Shops videos about available services, safety, and features.

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