Limit of 6 people per service bay


  • Must be 18-years or older to rent a service bay. 
  • Must be 12-years or older and with an accompanying guardian
  • Alcohol is not allowed in service bay
  • You must wear while in the service area:
    • Proper footwear that covers and protects the entire foot
    • Protective eyewear (we will provide)
    • Protective gloves (we will provide)


Watch Our Safety Video

Please watch a 2:50 minute video (shown at right)






 Q: Can I bring my own tools?

A: Absolutely.  If you already have your preferred tool, feel free to bring it and enjoy our climate controlled working environment with all the equipment you need.  Please note, bringing your own tool does not lower the rental rate.  DIY is not responsible for lost property brought in by customers.

 Q: Can I paint my vehicle at DIY Auto Repair Shops?
A: No, our facility is not set-up for painting.

Q: What should I bring for my repair?
A: You should bring any parts you wish to supply and not source from DIY Auto Repair Shops.  We have all the tools you could need and we even have a shop coat for you to wear.

Q: What if my repair takes longer than my reserved time?
A: Based upon bay availability, you can simply stay longer and complete your repair.  In the instance the shop is booked, a technician will discuss options with you ranging from turning it over to assisted repair, full technician repair, or rescheduling when a bay is available.

Q: Do you provide tire balancing?
A: DIY Auto Repair Shops does have the necessary equipment for balancing tires.

Q: Do you provide tire alignment?
A: DIY Auto Repair Shops does not have the necessary equipment for tire alignment.


Q: Can you install my stereo?
A: The on-staff technicians cannot assist in audio and media installations; however, you can use a bay to DIY.